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You Can Live Debt Free

We are just like you.  We may have been married longer or shorter, but like you we have dreams we want to fulfill and a future to live out, God willing.  With that said, money issues are probably the number one reason why couples breakup or get divorced.  Relationships can be challenging all by themselves, but when you throw in the problem of financial incompatibility and money challenges, that can take drama to a whole other level.  In order to be successful financially as a couple, you must be UNITED and have the same financial vision and goals.  Watch Char and Shar video on their debt free life.

Mental "Peace"
Overspending, living above your means and debt can bring feelings of guilt, emotional anxiety and fear.  Debt also will cause many restless and sleepless nights.  Too much debt can literally paralyze you mentally, physically and spiritually.  Debt can make one loose their sense of logic, common sense and ability to make sane decisions. 

Our Story
Char and I met on Good Friday and two days later Char asked me to marry him, on Easter Sunday.  We met in April and got married seven months later in November.  We married at the justice of the peace, lived in an apartment for eight months and then purchased our first home. We had common financial dreams and goals, because we talked about money and our life goals before we married.   

What We Changed
To make a long story short, the first home we purchased was a three story home with five bedrooms and three full baths. 

  1. We lived on the second floor and rented each room separately on the third-level and the basement-level. 
  2. We worked full-time jobs. 
  3. We lived on one salary, and saved and invested the other.   
  4. Shar had a side-hustle teaching software to people on evenings and weekends in their home. 
  5. We rented rooms for additional income and the extra income on our mortgage principal each month.
  6. We had two cars, needed one, so we gave one away to cut down on expenses.  
  7. We cooked more, went out less, rarely dined at fancy restaurants and preferred nice dinners at home. 
  8. Char started writing me poems as a gift, and still today each and every birthday and anniversary he surprises me with an original poem. 
  9. We still had fun and took vacations, but took shorter vacations.
  10. We still went out to eat (using coupons), went to movies (on discount days and times) and enjoyed other affordable social and fun activities.

Setbacks and Roadblocks
Through the years while striving to reach financial goals, sometimes we had to adjust our financial plan, delay it, or temporarily change the plan for a brief season.  Over our 27+ years of marriage we have experienced many financial hills, valleys and lots of change.  Like most people, we made some financial mistakes through the years.  Money mistakes sometimes got us off track, however it didn't stop our vision.  Our financial vision and goal never changed.  Financial freedom and independence was our motivation and driving force from day one.  Realize, as a couple setbacks and roadblocks should not stop or define you.  Regrouprefocus and recommit to each other, your vision and keep moving forward.

Home Paid Off
Amazingly, we paid off our first home less than five years after purchasing it and 3.5 years after receiving the vision to pay it off early.  In our early married days, we never made large amounts of money.  All we had was a dream, a "united" goal and the desire to accomplish our financial vision together.  The day we paid off our first home I (Shar) resigned from my full-time remote job and Char a year later.  That is when we became partners in entrepreneurship, which was 20 years ago.  Now, we have two other homes paid off, one in 2017 and the last one in 2019.  Being mortgage free is having real freedom.

Earn, Save and Invest 
Together we have owned and operated many different types of businesses over the years and have owned many homes.  We can honestly say the best way we have been able to increase our net worth is by owning businesses that generated positive cash-flow and generous profits.   Also, having multiple streams of unrelated income has been important, too.  Because of good money management choices we have lived, survived and thrived through good and bad economies.  

Have a Plan
Whether you are dating, engaged or married, be sure to talk about money and have unity in the decisions you make as a couple.  Have a plan on how to spend, save and invest money before you get it in your hands or account.  While you are dating and before marriage it's important to talk openly and honestly about your beliefs, values, respect or lack of respect for money.  Debt and spending habits play a big role regarding money and relationships.  Also, talk about your personal, career goals and vision for the future.

Be United
As a couple, if you do not have a plan to improve your financial situation, YOU may be the roadblock or obstacle that delay your dreams.  Life is way too short and precious.  Make decisions as a united couple to change your mindset, habits and the way you spend money, so you can eliminate debt, save and invest to start on the road to financial freedom and peace of mind together.

Question:  What would your life and relationship look like if you were debt free, had no mortgage, or only had a mortgage?  How would being debt free impact your mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship health?

Love Reconciled is a YouTube Channel hosted by Char and Shar an interracial couple married over 27 years.  They share their journey of learning to live together in LOVE, WORK and PLAY.  They also share their debt free and minimalist lifestyle.  They share honest stories, testimonies and life experiences about the good, bad, victories and tribulations of their "happy imperfect" marriage throughout their journey.


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