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Relationships and Money Can Work

Money and relationships can be very complicated.  In a relationship, without proper communication the talk of money can cause problems. Each person in the relationship goes into it with different expectations, usually.  It is those differences that can cause challenges. It does not matter how old you are or how long you have been with your partner, it is important to talk, touch base, and continuously evaluate your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors regarding money.

One thing I have seen and learned in my years of living, if two people that live under one roof are walking in two different directions regarding money, there will be problems and possibly chaos. Unfortunately, chaos causes misunderstandings and many other unkind emotions.

You say, your spouse won't listen and doesn't want to talk about money. That is a very valid argument. My question to you would be:  a. when is the last time you tried talking about money, and b. how did you approach the subject?  Approaching the topic in a none threatening way to him or her is a start. You might just want to say, "Sweetheart, where do you want to be money-wise in five or ten years?" That question may allow you to have an open and honest conversation about money, and you never know where it will end.   

Below are a few tips to help you setup an opportunity to discuss money with your honey.    

  • Start living out the financial results you want to achieve in front of your partner. If you are still thinking, behaving, and spending the same, why should he or she change?
  • Start saving.  Whether your partner save money or not.  
  • Come up with a plan for retirement and present the plan to him or her. It starts a dialog.
  • Whatever your financial goals are, start living out the steps for yourself.  Watching you, your partner may follow.

Money and relationships can be difficult. However, like everything else in life, with a plan, time, and honest conversations, money and relationships can be a beautiful thing.

Question:  What is the biggest money or financial struggle you and your partner have had and how did you resolve it?

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