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My Father-in-Law "Hated" Me!

Char and I were excited about our new relationship, but it felt like a whirlwind and it was.  We had been dating a week or so.  Newly separated from his first wife, Char had moved back home after serving in the military at 21 years old.  He had moved back into his childhood home and bedroom.  Ch…

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Relationships and Money Can Work

Money and relationships can be very complicated.  In a relationship, without proper communication the talk of money can cause problems. Each person in the relationship goes into it with different expectations, usually.  It is those differences that can cause challenges. It does not matter how ol…

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Getting Pass Relationship Boredom!


Are you married or in a relationship and are bored? Do you admire other seemingly happy couples and wonder why your marriage seem to suck?

All relationships have seasons.
Relationships go through ups and downs and different seasons. Circumstance or a situation can dictate the season of t…

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Opposites Attract and Then Attack

Relationships are wonderful amazing complex unions. While single, all you thought about was having a significant other, or wondered when you would get married. Then one day it happened. You found that special someone who was just perfect. You were compatible in every way. You loved everything ab…

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