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Hi, we are Char (He) and Shar (She).  We have been married over 27 years and consider our relationship a "Happy Imperfect" marriage.  With so many relationships and marriages struggling, unhappy and divorcing, we felt lead to share our relationship journey to encourage and inspire others.  We share our stories, testimonies and challenges on our website, social media and YouTube videos.  Our love story is unique, inspiring and always a work in progress.   

If you are single, dating, engaged or married this website is for you.  You can learn and grow from our experiences, stories and testimonies.  The information you learn will help you be prepared for life as a partner, spouse and couple.  We hope to encourage you to keep working on yourself as a single person, and if you are in a relationship with the goal of staying in love and making your union better.  Keep reading to learn more.

Char proposed after knowing Shar two days.
Like you, we are two normal individuals.  One day we happen to see each other one day, wanted to get to know each other from afar, and finally met and fell in love. We met on a Friday and just two days later on a Sunday evening, Char asked me (Shar) to marry him.  We consider ourselves a "happy imperfect" couple.  Meaning, we are happily married, but neither him nor I are perfect, neither is our marriage. 

No relationship is perfect.
Every couple that has been together for any period of time should understand that a healthy strong relationship takes daily work and effort.  Anyone that says their relationship is perfect and they never argue, is probably lying.  If a couple says they never have any conflict, either someone in the union is a doormat, travels 100% of the time, isn't great at communicating, or choose to have absolutely no opinions of their own in the relationship.  In most cases, those types of relationships are unhealthy, they may sleep in different rooms, are legally separated, or are about to file for divorce.  Healthy marriages will have disagreements, some conflict and may at times have arguments, but the couple have learned how to work through their challenges and resolve them. 

Our Mission.
Our hope and prayer is that singles and couples listen and learn from our life, relationship and marriage.  We hope our journey helps you do better in your own relationship.

Love Reconciled is a YouTube Channel hosted by Char and Shar an interracial couple married over 27 years.  They share their journey of learning to live together in LOVE, WORK and PLAY.  They also share their debt free and minimalist lifestyle.  They share honest stories, testimonies and life experiences about the good, bad, victories and tribulations of their "happy imperfect" marriage throughout their journey.


If you find a life partner and unity is alive and present, you have found a rough gem.

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